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Name: Joshua Connor (Hebrew/Irish: JAW·shu·wa KAW·nur)
Meaning: Beloved by all who know him, Lover of Hounds
AKA: Boo, Bug, Bug Boy, Bug-A-Boo
Day: Tuesday
Date: Dec. 30, 1997
Time: 9:08 P.M. CST (-0600 GMT)
Weight: 8 lbs. 9 oz. (4037g)
Height: 21 in. (53cm)

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Joshua's Favorites:

Joshua is six now (whoops, missed a whole year - bad mom!) He weighs about 45 lbs. now and is 47 inches tall. He's slimmed out and shot up lately. He started Tae Kwon Do at the end of last summer, which he seems to enjoy. He is currently a yellow belt and will probably be testing soon for his orange belt. He is doing well in math and finally starting to read. He seems to be out of his picky eating phase, though there are still some things he won't try. He's gotten into Teen Titans and Bionicles (thanks to his older brother), he likes to draw and play on the computer (especially Magic School Bus games), and he still loves Star Wars and Legos but the fascination with trains seems to be waning. He loves dogs, we'd have one if it were up to him, and he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. Oh, and he still likes bugs....maybe he'll be an entomologist?

Joshua is four years old now - time sure does fly! He weighs 38 lbs., and is 42 inches tall. Lately he has started referring to himself in the third person "Joshua is hungry." I guess that he is just realizing that he is an individual. He wants to be a big boy but he doesn't want to have to give up being the baby (which is kinda hard now that he has a little sister). He is getting much more articulate and is definitely easier to understand. He counts well and can recognize most of his numbers, shapes and some letters. We've started Pre-K work with him, basically just concentrating on the alphabet this year, with some beginning handwriting work and lots of coloring, playing with clay, etc.... He has turned into a picky eater - I was hoping to avoid that but I guess it's inevitable. He's into Bob the Builder & all things Star Wars (especially Legos). Of course he still likes trains.

Joshua is three years old now! He weighs 35.5 lbs., and is 40 inches tall. He is definitely growing up! He proudly tells everyone that he is a "big boy". He will hold up three fingers and say "three" when asked how old he is. If you ask him what his name is he says "Josh Connor McGee". He is talking up a storm now and starting to play cooperatively (most of the time). He is learning his ABC's and 123's, he knows most of his colors. He still eats well although he is starting to get a little picky. Right now he's on a Honeydew melon kick. He loves to play outside now that it's nice weather again, especially in the sandbox and on the slide. He loves bugs, well...most bugs - I think he's a little bit afraid of bees. He really likes ladybugs (which seem to find their way into our house at the beginning of every spring) and digging in the dirt for worms.

Joshua is two years old now! He weighs 27 lbs., and is 36 inches tall! He has not gained much weight in the past six months but he sure did shoot up! Five inches in six months - WOW! He is definitely looking much slimmer now, although he still has those cute chipmunk cheeks. He is talking up a storm now, even putting together short sentences - like "Big bone." (Bone is his word for dinosaurs.) He still likes balls but his real passion now is trains, he absolutely goes nuts over them! He really likes playing with our Brio Train set. He is also fascinated with eggs and has, unfortunately, learned how to open the refrigerator...luckily I have always caught him before he actually was able to take one out! He is starting to recognize colors, especially green and orange...if he is not sure he will say green. Unlike Alex at this age, Josh loves to draw. He scribbles happily away and then says "Look mom - bone!" too cute! He also loves to play with clay. Oh, and he has actually started addressing Alex by his name instead of just babbling at him.

Joshua is eighteen months old now, weighs in at 25 lbs., and measures 31 inches tall. Joshua's favorite word is "ball" and he says it quite clearly, "bu-ball" for basketball or baseball and "foo-ball" for football. Balls have definitely taken top priority in his life right now. He loves to play catch with anyone who is willing. He is also quite a climber. He has already figured out how to climb halfway up the gate that we use to keep him out of the office. We have to keep the kitchen chairs on their sides so he can not climb up onto the table. He has also figured out how to climb up onto the baseboard registers to see out the windows. He has 16 teeth now and will eat just about anything you put in front of him. He especially loves refried beans, tortilla chips & salsa, french fries & ketchup, and just about any pasta!

Joshua is one year old! Wow, time sure does fly. He is now 22 lbs. and 30 inches tall. He took his first steps a couple of weeks before Christmas and has not stopped since. He now has 14 teeth (4 of which are molars) and is working on two more! Josh is also starting to talk! He says Ma Ma, Da Da, buh ba (bye), na na (night), phfff (fish), dow (down), doh (don't - he would point to the Christmas tree and say "doh!"), and just recently "Ah-yah!" (Alex).

At nine months old Joshua is 21 lbs. and 29 inches long with no signs of slowing down - if he keeps up at this rate he will weigh more at 1 than Alex did at 2! Joshua is cruising now and although he has not stood on his own yet it will not be too much longer, his balance is getting better every day. He has discovered how to clap his hands, every time I lay him down now to change his diaper he smiles and claps. He has six teeth already and seems to be working on at least two more. He mastered his sippie cup. He definitely gets upset if he is not included in family meals. He seems to have sprouted more hair practically over night (looks like it is going to be dark like mine) and his eyes are definitely brown.

Joshua is seven months old now and almost 20 lbs! He has finally managed to get up on hands and knees and crawl (although he still reverts to the 'army crawl' when he wants to get somewhere fast). He actually pulled himself up into a standing position for the first time last week. It definitely will not be long before he is cruising (or walking).

Now six months old Joshua weighs 18.8 lbs. and is 27 inches long! Our little bug is sitting up now and getting good at grabbing things (especially things he isn't supposed to have). He cut his two bottom teeth on July 9. He is definitely getting interested in food, so far he has had bananas, oatmeal, avocados, sweet potatoes, zwieback and of course Cheerios. He is also trying to figure out how to use a sippie cup (he usually ends up with more on him than in him). He is doing a modified army crawl now, pulling himself forward with his left arm while pushing with his right foot, and boy can he move when he sees something he wants! Unfortunately the outside edge of his big toe and the pad underneath it are now blistered and raw from his constant motion. Bandages will not stay on so we are trying socks today to help reduce the friction on his tender little toes.

At four months old he is now 15 lbs. 11 oz. and 25.5 inches long! He rolled over for the first time this morning and I missed it! :( Oh well, there's plenty more where that came from. He is become quite social and just loves to "talk" to everyone. He's getting pretty good at grabbing toys (and people). The Easter Bunny brought him a little terry cloth kitty and he loves to chew on it! The drool never stops and his hands are constantly in his mouth, next to his kitty, they are his favorite toys.

Joshua is now three months old and 14 lbs. 12 oz. He is already trying to roll over and sit up - I just love this age!

At two months, our Josh is still a little chunk weighing in at 12 lbs. on the nose and 23.5 inches long! He still likes to suck on his fingers but he prefers mom. Of course, we all were waiting for those first real smiles, and we were not disappointed - he loves to smile!

Well, our newest little one is thriving on Mother's Milk. At his two-week well-baby visit he weighed 9 lbs. 11 oz. and was 21.75 inches long!

"Look Ma - no tables!"
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