A Little About My Life

I was born in a hospital in Benton Harbor, Michigan on November 30, 1967. I grew up as most any other child, confused by the world around me. At least until I reached my teens, then I suddenly knew everything that I needed to survive. Oddly enough, I seem to have forgotten it all. With some degree of struggle I graduated from high school and went directly to college. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. From there I went into the Air Force, was discharged and worked as a lithographic pressman for about three years. I then decided that it was time for me to actually make an effort to return to college. With the first two years of returning I managed to get on the President's list and the National Dean's List. I was virtually a straight 'A' student. It was at college that I encountered the love of my life, Kim. We then moved to the lovely city of Lafayette, Indiana. So I could attend Purdue University and finish out my bachelor degree.
Life has a funny way of surprising you. After Kim and I moved to Lafayette. We had our son Alex. Who was then followed by our other son Joshua. I then finished out my BS degree, and I am currently employed doing electrical hardware designing hand-held automotive diagnostic testers. Since my employment, we have added to our family. We have added a little girl to the fold, Cait is the recent addition to the family.
The background that you see here, I created myself. It seemed somehow appropriate.

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