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Thanks for stopping by to take a look at what the kids want for their birthdays & Christmas! You can't go wrong purchasing something off one of their lists. We put a lot of time and effort into making them so that you'd know what they reallyreallyreally want ;).

Please remember that these kids have plenty of games, books and toys already! We know how easy it is to get carried away buying stuff and that you love us but please try to limit it to a couple gifts per child. Encourage their hobbies: Talk to the children to discover what they like to do. Tae Kwon Do, art, or swimming classes would be perfect. Each time they go to class, we'll remind them that this experience was a gift from you.

We hope you'll make your purchases through their wish lists. Besides saving Kimberly some work you might save yourself some money. Online retailers tend to be cheaper and many times you can get free shipping, or at the very least have it sent directly to us which might be cheaper than mailing it yourself. However, if you do buy something locally please e-mail Kimberly and let her know what you purchased, that way she can tell others not to buy that item. You might want to check with her first too, just to be sure something hasn't already been purchased. Of course gift certificates and cold hard cash always welcome too. The boys especially are getting to the age when they like getting money.

Thank You!

Magazine Subscriptions - The Gift that Keeps on Giving:
Encourage a love of reading with one of these wonderful magazines....
Alexander Joshua Caitlin
Your Big Backyard
Kids' Clothing Guide:
Hanna Anderson (clothing or gift certificates) are always welcome & appreciated!
The kids also have a wish list at The Children's Place.
Alexander Joshua Caitlin
Height: 59"
Weight: 75#
Waist: 24"
Inseam: 25"
Height: 54"
Weight: 64#
Waist: 23"
Inseam: 23"
Height: 44"
Weight: 40#
Waist: 20"
Inseam: 18"
If in doubt go by height then weight. Pants with adjustable waistbands are always a good choice.
Tops: 10/12
Pants: 12 Slim
Hanna's: 150
Shoes: 5½
Tops: 8/10
Pants: 10 Slim
Hanna's: 140
Shoes: 3
Tops: 4/5(girls xs)
Pants: 5 slim
Hanna's: 110
Shoes: 10 wide
Remember to check the label - they only wear 100% cotton.
There are a couple exceptions: sweaters - cotton or cotton/ramie blend (please no acrylic or wool); cotton/modal blends are alright too; sweats at least 80% cotton; outer wear: Polar Fleece, etc. is fine.
Thank you for respecting their sensitive skin!
Alex needs: Long sleeved tees, flannels shirts, and long john PJ's. Joshua needs: Jeans as he's always getting holes in the knees, and long john PJ's. Caity needs: Fall/Winter clothes: Jeans, tops (long & short sleeve).
Books, DVD's & Toys:
Kids' Amazon DVD Wish List
(purchases made through the Amazon.com wish list links will earn us gift certificates!)
Alexander Joshua Caitlin
Amazon Wish List
Lego Wish List
Amazon Wish List
Lego Wish List
Amazon Wish List
Lego Wish List
Oh yeah, Phillip & Kimberly have Amazon Wish Lists too! :o)

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