The Dragon's Tower

The Dragon's Tower

A Reason for This Web Page

The reason for this is just because I thought it was a cool title to have for the web page. Besides, my wife created the picture in paintbrush (Kimberly would like you to know that she made the orginal picture over a decade ago but the special effects were just added with Photoshop in 2003), and I just had to figure out a way to incorporate it in the web page. If you have any suggestions or complaints about the web page just drop a line to me.

The Family Unit

The family unit consists of myself (Phillip), my wife Kimberly, and our children Alexander, Joshua, and Caitlin. We live in beautiful Owatonna, Minnesota. You can visit my Alma Mater, Purdue University, here.

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The Dragon's Tower

First On-Line: 03/22/1996

Copyright 1996- Phillip & Kimberly McGee